With the Co-Location account, the customer has the option of purchasing a machine and placing it on our premises or paying a setup fee of $1200 in which case, a high performance server will be dedicated to the customer as long as the customer sustains the co-location account. In either case, there is an installation fee of $500 which is used to install and configure the operating system and server daemons. The co-locatoin account also includes the following:

  • Electricity.
  • Rack Space.
  • A port on a professional Uninterrpted Power Supply (UPS).
  • The operating system and server software are periodically upgraded. The system is fully maintained and all security fixes applied.
  • A maximum transfer of 30Giga Bytes (30,000 Mega Bytes) of data is allowed per month.
  • A additional Giga Byte of transfer is computed at a price of $100/month.
  • The cost of one IP is included in the monthly charge. An additional fee of $5/month is charged for each additional IP address which is needed for the co-location account.