Drained Yogurt or Yogurt Spread
(Maste-e Kisei)



Pour the yogurt into a cheese cloth, pulling the ends together and tying them. Place the cheese cloth in a sieve and place the sieve over a bowl. Let the excess liquid drain off. As a result you are left with a thick and creamy spread inside the cheese cloth known as yogurt spread. Another option is to pour the yogurt dirrecly into a very fine sieve and let the excess liquid drain off.

Thickened yogurt may be served in different ways. Try adding some chopped mint, salt, and pepper and serving it with some fresh warm persian bread as an appetizer. You may also mix the thickened yogurt with some dill weed and /or any of the following ingredients: chopped parsley, chopped tarragon, chopped chives, chopped garlic, or chopped scallions, and serve as a dip. People watching their fat and colesterol intake may sustitute thickened yogurt for sour cream or cream cheese used in different appetizers.