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(October 25, 2002)
Server Co-location
Rack space, including installation, electricity, uninterrupted power, high bandwidth, physical space, 24/7 technical support and consultation.

Customized EMail
Multiple EMail accounts with your own domain name. Full web-based control of creation and modification of EMails for your company. Server-side Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, mailing lists, etc.

  Full E-Commerce Solution
CommerceMadeEasy®, our award-winning Cookie-less shopping cart includes a search, auction software, inventory tracking, agent tracking, completely customizable look and operation. ISC also provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and Merchant Accounts for a complete turn-key E-Commerce solution.
High Speed Hosting
Highly secure servers, standard and custom CGI programs with your own domain name, dedicated 
IP address, multiple e-mail addresses, forwarding capabilities, Secure Shell (SSH) and secure FTP.
  Website Development
Web design based on your needs, custom graphics creation, code-level implementation, custom CGIs (mostly in C++ for speed and security), full interaction with the customer through the design and development stages.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
The IVR System is a package developed by Recognition Technologies, Inc. in C++ which currently runs on the Linux operating system. The IVR system is compatible with Dialogic® voice T1 and E1 cards as well as their analog telephony cards.
  Speaker Recognition (Biometrics)
This is a language-independent and text-independent speaker recognition system which has been developed by Recognition Technologies, Inc. to work in different environments. The engine runs on most Linux distributions as well as Apple Macintosh OS X. Large-Scale and Small-Scale versions of this speaker identification and speaker verification (SIV) engine have been developed over many years of research to work in the telephony as well as stand-alone environments.
Dedicated Access
From a fractional T1 all the way to a full T3 (45 Mbps) delivered to your office. The network is set up by our experienced staff and maintained with 24/7 support.
  Equipment Sales
Fully qualified resellers of Cisco and many other brands of networking equipment, we also design
and create our own customized high-end DS1-DS3 routers. ISC also creates pre-configured Linux Servers, switches, hubs, cables and connectors.
Software Engineering
Complete synthesis, analysis, solution and implementation of networking, mathematical
algorithms in finance, pattern recognition, indexing, search, optimization and advanced
engineering problems by staff of Ph.D.
  Office Networking
Complete design of office network, including installation of Category 5e cable, Keystone jacks,
enhanced patch panels, switches, hubs, firewall, configuration of all machines and remote administration of the firewall. ISC also provides reliable low-cost office telephone solutions.
Merchant Accounts for E-Commerce
In partnetship with, Internet Server Connections, Inc. provides you with one of the best deals in electronic merchant services.
  Domain Name Registration
Internet Server Connections Inc. offers the best quality and value in Domain Name Registration services for an annual price of $19 or a two-year registration price of $36.

SSL Certificate Registration
Internet Server Connections Inc. in partnership with Thawte-Verisign will register Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for its customers free of charge.